For my former STL home, I grieve again in the face of justice denied. To my friends standing in the breach today, their lives at risk and brutalized, I stand with you, if only from afar. The system is guilty as hell, and no excuses or tired explanations will do. THE SYSTEM IS GUILTY!

What is the pathway of justice in such a time, when the “reasonable” scales are revealed again to be broken by design? It is not an easy way forward, but no one trustworthy ever said true reconciliation would be.

The cry you are hearing in the streets is justice denied. The contempt returned in riot gear brings the power of violence, but is nothing more than fear in disguise. The Governor calls for the reserves even before the judge spoke. What was his plan? Nothing, just an infantile show of force. A threat to peace itself.

Don’t be fooled. A new day is near when the self-named wise are made themselves to be fools. For now, say a prayer for those proclaiming this new day in the streets. Stop and listen with ears to hear.

Pray also for those caught willingly and by surprise on the other side, especially those ready to remove their designed disguise. A new day is near, but for today, listen to the cries of justice long denied.