Rhythm of Word

Month: November 2017

Worthiness is Nonnegotiable

Matthew 25:31-46

First Congregational Church of Anchorage  :  26 November 2017

A dear friend of mine died last Saturday. Mike Bartlett was an amazing guitar player. He and I first met when he was an inmate in a Kansas prison. We have worked on three different recording projects together and played countless shows both within prisons and outside. He is the second friend to die in recent years whom I played and recorded music with, and who I also first met in prison. Mike was a gifted songwriter, and a frequent source of insight into the reality of life within the criminal justice system.

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The Choice and Service of Religion : Joseph Steven Buckminster

2 Corinthians 9:6-15; The Choice and Service of Religion

First Congregational Church of Anchorage : 19 November 2017

Could it be that we just didn’t read it correctly? Maybe we misheard it long ago and we have never been corrected. Are you sure you have given enough? Perhaps, even though we say there are no strings attached, we can’t help but wonder what it is we might have missed that could hold us ransom for what we should have done, let alone all things we did instead.

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Carry A Nation

Amos 5:18-24; Wisdom of Solomon 6:12-16

First Congregational Church of Anchorage  :  12 November 2017

I was thinking about sharing stories with each other this week, and there is one that comes to my mind maybe more often than it should, or I suppose it has something I need to hear often.

There is a famous person who made a name for herself in the town I grew up in. While living there and running a hotel, she became an active leader in the temperance movement and started the local chapter of the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement.

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Hearing Unheard Voices

Matthew 5:1-12

First Congregational Church of Anchorage  :  5 November 2017 – All Saints Sunday

Sometimes when I am out in the fog, I feel freer to be myself. Anyway, who would notice. They are in their own fog just over there, and neither of us is any the wiser. It is odd to me that when the visible sky makes its way down to our feet, we find the ground much more disorientating.

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