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What Works (part 1)

What Works (part 1):

I was asked recently to contribute my thoughts and practices for a lecture and discussion of what works for churches of different sizes. I was hesitant to do it, somewhat because I didn’t want to spend the time to prepare for it. But that is only half of the truth. I spend time doing all sorts of things that on the surface do not seem important to most people. Being a minister means that I have the opportunity to sit and talk with someone with no action items to assign, no agenda to work through. I get to just share space with people.

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What is the Pathway of Justice?

For my former STL home, I grieve again in the face of justice denied. To my friends standing in the breach today, their lives at risk and brutalized, I stand with you, if only from afar. The system is guilty as hell, and no excuses or tired explanations will do. THE SYSTEM IS GUILTY!

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